Like a Child now. READY.

Jon Rydningan just married a woman who radiates beauty like I’ve never seen before and I got to witness. 

Just look at them. 


Last time I saw Jon, it was when I was a brand new mum and I packed up my 6 month old baby, took her on the airplane to Norway where Jon rolled with the punches of baby-in-the-studio vibe and we wrote songs, including “Find Me” which is my favourite song on “I Said Yes To Everything” (My forever upcoming album that is not imaginary but very real and imminent, I promise). Supporting me in my songwriting as a new mum, those vulnerable days..that’s the kind of thing that makes a collaborator more like long lost brother. So. I’m very lucky. 


But before that, before everything now, on another trip to that gem of Norway,  back in 2008, we wrote a song called “Ready”. I am so happy that Jon and Eline have used it as an anthem for their love towards each other.   I remember so clearly what was in my head when I wrote those words back then. Like a baby, they came right out of me and then lived a life of their own. Dear song, last weekend you came back to me. You learned Swedish and Norwegian too. (Anita Skorgen, I thank you for your care). You carry the glow of the hearts you’ve touched, and now you’re telling me something new. I’m the child now, listening to my creation who is now older, wiser, and bigger than me. I’m holding you close this time. At least part of you should stick around with me and my guitar. Thank you for reminding me where we came from way back then.