Ashby 20

The highlight of my week was taking part in the Ashby 20. It's a 20 mile run that is organised by the running club in the town where I live. Lot's of people use it as a training run in preparation for the marathon season. I'm preparing for my first marathon, which will be in 3 weeks in Rome! I've made a few home- friends in my town along the way who are a big support to me in my training. I'd like to encourage you to help me to support them by donating Whiz Kids. It's an organisation in the U.K that works extremely hard to improve the lives of disabled children. 
My daughter took this picture. That's my friend Scott McLean handing me a drink. He flew in all the way from NYC for a visit.  And you can hear Gavin, Darwin's dad,  cheering me on to overtake the person in front of me. The sun was shining enough to get a tan. Pretty much, I just ran with a silly grin for 2 hours and 36 minutes. I was running with my eyes closed around mile 14 for a while. O yeah, and Ross called around mile 15 which happened to be a bit of a quiet stretch of road.  I had my phone with me so I could check my pace. Was nice to have a little run chat with him for a bit. BFF Emma and family cheered for me at the end too.  I'm feeling settled now. I knew home was at my feet. In the last few years, it sometimes takes me a beat to remember that, but today it was easy.