My day job is Post-Mormon-Disney-Punk. With that in mind we are launching my debut video/single "Love & Affection" at the beginning of March; and the debut album “ISaidYesToEverything” soon, along with another single, a lucky collaboration with one of the coolest guys on the planet. So there's that.
My life is Artist-Mother-Fitness-Ninja (natch) in equal measure and we are celebrating ALL of the above by staging a series of shows throughout the year under the banner WRENNE.RUN.RELEASE, which will tie in with 5k, 10k and half-marathon races around the UK and beyond, as well as with the music releases.
I love to run.
We are announcing the first set of runs below; show details will be announced on the LIVE page shortly, but please save the dates... there will be over 50 runs and related performances in all, with others being added all the time. Predominantly UK but soon more European races and events will appear.
We are also hoping to contribute a joyful noise actually at some of the races/courses themselves.  So please tell us whenever/wherever you can come-run-watch-dance - join us any way you can, in the spirit of music, fun, and ninjadom! Kapow!