In her own words:

"This is my life's work. True story. I've worked a long while to be in this place at this time with these people, these songs and recordings, and for it to feel right. Over the past few years I have indeed said 'Yes!' to everything (OK, maybe not Reality TV, drugs or Morris Dancing) and found that every 'yes' comes with a lesson to learn and even sometimes a difficult price to pay. This album is about the consequences of 'yes' - for the most part profoundly positive, whatever the outcome - in the language I know best, music."

Wrenne's is a new, compelling voice.

An "overnight," multiple-year success story, raised in Utah and the Mormon Church, she left for Europe as a 22-year-old on a whim of her imagination with a head full of questions and a heart open to the answers. Arrived in London with a guitar, 300 bucks and a phone number. She worked through survival, searched for truth, found her own mind. Started to belong, became British. Honing her skills as a writer and vocalist, she grafted and crafted. Wrenne discovered her true voice and intent, spoke up clearly and recognized exactly who was family amongst the host of talented helpers, writers and producers along the way. Those collaborations comprise the album.

"I could tell you about the mountains that I grew up next to; the religion that influenced and confused me; the family I love whom I abandoned, or who abandoned me (sometimes hard to tell); my wider creative and core family; my darling daughter; or the fact that the exquisite struggles of life (and death) are at the core of everything I write about."

This bracing honesty is vital to "ISaidYesToEverything." As is that collaborative spirit: the album features a host of talent - including John Altman, Craig Armstrong, Gary Clark, Marius de Vries, Idris Elba, The Swingles and many more - supporting Wrenne's unique vision.

It may be defined as electronic pop music, yet the record has an old-school eclecticism from the days when 'pop' was not a dirty word, inspired by Kate Bush, Eurythmics, Joni Mitchell, Peter Gabriel, Laurie Anderson as well as contemporaries Jon Hopkins, Robyn and even Peaches. The songs effortlessly switch genres with one fundamental, central component: Wrenne's extraordinary voice and authentic attitude.

"I don't know if I turned out to be an artist because it was all I knew to do or because it's truly the best thing I can do. But how can I inspire my own child to have faith in herself and her own voice if I can't do the same for me?

She's a truth-teller, luck-creator, devoted mother, obsessive runner, survivor, collaborator, skilled cake-eater and an undeniable star. And, as she sings in the mantra of Hope, "I am ready."

"I have cried so hard over this music, but that's more about me than you. And these songs are for you. Please just listen and say 'yes' to feeling something."

Wrenne's debut collection, "ISaidYesToEverything," will be released early 2016, with an introductory EP coming October 2015.