you know that's what i like

Me, right now, in my work: here goes my heart in song out into the world, as I launch my first EP this week. 
Me, right now, in my life: I watch my soul dance around on the outside of me every day, growing in independence as each day passes.

This morning was winter cold. Clouds came shooting out of our mouths as we danced around in a skipping formation all the way to school, warm croissants spontaneously making their way into our hands. After passing the 'eyeballs of shame' (we were a little late, after all), she ran in the door to go learn about the alphabet and numbers and so much more. I always have to stand there for a minute after she's gone and find my new, temporary edges until she's back. 

I suppose in everything, there comes a time when you have to let go and let fly and hope for the best. Sometimes it feels like a "have to", but if I do this right, with love and generosity, at all times being honest, something changes. I get this feeling of gratitude, and then it feels like I "get to" let go and let fly. As Darwin would say: "It's science, Mummy".