Remembrance Day Every Day

I was watching the Remembrance Service from above. 

Little ants that bustle around on our paths, suddenly coming together in stillness. 

Holding up flags. Singing songs to a Queen and a Jesus. Putting flowers in a carefully organised stack, one by one, on a statue that was built for this very purpose. Praying out loud in unison. 

I’m in Middle England, on the ground now, relating to the little babe next to me who’s taking it all in, seeing and feeling what humans do, from the cradle of her mother’s arms... except I was missing my cradle. A feeling of homesickness. But not necessarily for mother ‘mom' and ‘roots' home, but more like my MOM and my HOME…like in the universal sense. 

Is it just me? 

So. We bow our heads in Remembrance of those disunited by war. 
And what I want to remember the most is the power of Hope…No one is alone in hope. We all hope, and that's a fact. 
But what is it that we hope for? And why?
Money? Power? More gifts at your birthday party? That your act of kindness will inspire kindness? 
How about a united Peace? 
Let’s use our hope for the best and remember with gratitude the heroes that hoped so deeply for a better way that they were willing to die. 

I wonder, can I create this moment of stillness not just on Remembrance Day, but every day? I'm going to try, and I think it will help.